Iconic Thermoforming Material - Bundle #2

(1x) Box of Iconic Thermoforming Retainer Material (1Box=50x sheets) 

+(1x) Iconic Plastic Trimming Saw

+(1x) Pack of Iconic Polishing Disks - Medium (5 brushes) 

ICONIC THERMOFORMING MATERIAL, is brilliantly clear and rigid when formed. It is perfect for orthodontic retainers, aligners for minor tooth movement, occlusal splints, and bruxism splints.
Iconic Original accepts bonding materials. The protective clear foil on both sides is heat resistant and can be used as a spacer when forming retainers. There is no need to insulate the model when using the clear foil. 

1.0mm Thickness is perfect for orthodontic retainers. Sold 50x sheets per box.

ICONIC PLASTIC TRIMMING SAW: High yield Wheel Saw lasts up to 50% longer than other wheel saws. Thinner blade gives a faster cleaner cut, less flash to remove resulting in been easier to polish and finish. Can be used on hard retainer material, soft EVA material and dual laminate material.

ICONIC POLISHING DISKS: Made from 3M Scotch Brite™ polypropylene, non woven material. Head of disk is thicker than other polishing heads. Head and shank supplied attached. Sold in packs of 5 brushes.

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