1st and Final Orthodontic Pumice

1st & Final is an orthodontic pumice designed for polishing enamel. Pre-mixed and pre-packaged for ultimate convenience. Can be used as the final finishing steps with the Reliance Renew Finishing System.

  • Pre-Packaged - 200 sterile cups for individual patients use.
  • Pre-Mixed - No messy mixing with water. Just open and apply with prophy cup.
  • Improved Bond Strength - University test shows that 1st & Final will pumice more effectively and rinse cleaner for increased bond strength.
  • No Added Chemicals - No flavoring, fluorides or oils which could leave a film that may inhibit or weken the bond.
  • Enamel Polisher - 1st & Final - can be used as the final polishing steps with the Reliance Renew Finish System

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