Copper NiTi Orthodontic Archwires

Thermal Copper NiTi is an ideal initial archwire choice, exhibiting the same shape memory properties as our standard Thermal NiTi, but with approximately 50% less force. Due to the lower forces, torque control can be safely addressed earlier in treatment with the use of rectangular wires.

The precise temperature transition range of 27°C - 35°C ensures the wire is soft at room temperature, and allows easy ligation before full activation occurs in the mouth. The wire reacts to the heat in a patient’s mouth and exerts a very light, continuous force as it returns to its original shape. Chilling the wire will increase its flexibility and ease engagement, improving patient comfort.


  • Very light, continuous force for efficient tooth movement
  • Easy to ligate, and highly responsive to chilling
  • Precise temperature transition of 27°C or 35°C
  • Low forces allow earlier use of rectangular wires
  • Approx 50% less force than our standard Thermal NiTi

Sold in Packs of 100

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