Iconic Lux Aligner and Retainer Material

 Iconic Lux is a next generation thermoformed retainer & aligner material. It possesses increased flexibility, greater resistance with special features such as soft occlusion properties, which makes Iconic Lux more comfortable when worn.  

  • Increased durability, increased flexibility. 
  • Excellent impact strength, greater resistance to fracture. 
  • Minimal stress relaxation, minimal dissipation of force - Predictable tracking of tooth movement. 
  • Brilliantly clear, resistant to staining. 
  • Made with easy peel protective film, for reduced production times. 
  • Designed to provide the optimum results for both retention and alignment. 
  • Available in 0.8, 1.0mm, and 1.5mm coming soon. 
  • Available in 5" Square, 125, 120mm round. 
  • 50 Blanks per box. 

*Retainer and retainer case not included.

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