Evolve Flow Buccal Tubes

Designed in conjunction with leading orthodontists Evolve Flow is low profile whilst still retaining the functionality required of a molar tube. Available now in Roth and MBT.

Low Profile Hook

Low profile hooks guarantee patient comfort and allow for easy placement of attachments.

Positioning Guide

Occlusal/Gingival positioning guides ensure a secure grip and ease of placement.

Contoured Base

Anatomically contoured base with occlusal indent ensure accurate fit, whilst the 80 gauge mesh pad ensures superior bond strength

Low Profile

The contoured surfaces are low profile and tapered for patient comfort

The Funnelled Entrance

The funnelled entranced allows for easy wire insertion

Distal Notch

Evolve Flow features a distal notch for ligation and tieback of auxiliaries.

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Identification Marks

Each tube is colour coded on the facial surface for easy molar quadrant identification

Sold in Pack of 10.

Orthodontic Supplies Australia

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