GLAM Ceramic Brackets

Simply makes your patients look good
Not only adult patients, but increasingly more young patients wish for an inconspicuous treatment with aesthetic materials. With GLAM® you can meet this desire 100%. The one-piece conventionally ligatable ceramic bracket is manufactured from a poly-crystalline, distortion-free ceramic, and is particularly inconspicuous. In contrast to many ceramic brackets, whose surface is conspicuous due to hard light reflection, GLAM® brackets produce a matt shimmer and are extremely discreet. In addition, they adapt perfectly to the natural shade of any tooth due to their excellent translucency, making them virtually imperceptible. And GLAM® can do even more: Thanks to the rounded slot edges, the brackets have low frictions values and protect the surfaces of the tooth-coloured archwires. For an aesthetically perfect treatment from beginning to end.

  1. Absolutely inconspicuous in the mouth, as made from colourless ceramic with high translucence and a matt, non-reflecting surface
  2. Perfect aesthetics in combination with permanently white BioCosmetic® archwires, transparent elastics or tooth-coloured steel ligatures.
  3. Shorter treatment times thanks to low friction values
  4. Gentle on tooth-coloured archwires thanks to the rounded slot edges
  5. One-piece production ensures extreme functionality without loss of torque
  6. Safe and splinter-free removal using the Paul’s Tool
  7. Easy to handle, just like all other brackets
  8. Can be ideally combined with FORESTADENTs super-flat 2D® Lingual brackets (e.g. in cases with distinctive overbite)

Sold Packs of 10.


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