Interproximal Reduction Airo Strips

An innovative Interproximal Reduction system that makes interproximal enamel removal / stripping safer and more accurate without creating sharp corners or subgingival ledges.

Designed for use with all orthodontic treatments, these strips curve and flew along the natural contours of the teeth to avoid cutting lips and gums, prevent excessive enamel removal and to maximise patient comfort.

  • Single-handed, ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue
  • Will not cut lips or gums and eliminates gagging
  • Avoid creating sharp corners or subgingival ledges
  • Effective for anterior teeth and easy access to posterior areas
  • User and patient friendly

Available in an intro pack that includes one of each colour!

Yellow 0.06mm
Single-Sided, Extra-Fine Diamond. Serrated Start IPR safely and open the interproximal contact easily.

Red 0.12mm
Double-Sided Medium Diamond. Reduce enamel efficiently on two adjacent teeth.

Dark Blue 0.15mm
Double-Sided Coarse Diamond. Widen the contact and reduce enamel effectively.

Green 0.20mm
Double-Sided Coarse Diamond. Further widen the interproximal contact.

Clear IPR 0.10mm 
Single-Sided, Medium-Fine. Diamond, Serrated.

Cyan 0.12mm
Single-Sided Medium-Coarse Diamond.

Purple 0.25mm
Double-Sided Coarse Diamond.

Brown 0.30mm 
Double-Sided Coarse Diamond.


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