Mini-Sprint Brackets

Quality brackets for your practice
Easy to use and always reliable – that is what distinguishes our Mini Sprint® brackets. The smaller, aesthetic alternative to FORESTADENTs Sprint II® brackets. The occlusal gingival height has been reduced by 20% which ensures a significant increase in patient comfort. Despite the lower height, it is just as easy to use as the larger bracket and has the same mechanical advantages. Similar to the Sprint II® bracket, the Mini Sprint® brackets feature deep tie wings for easy and secure double ligation and the use of elastic bands. Maintaining the mesio-distal dimension ensures identical rotation control. The bracket base is characterised by a geometry which fits perfectly to the natural contour of the tooth. Our patented hook-base ensures excellent hold.

  1. Aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear thanks to the significantly lower height compared to Sprint® brackets
  2. Easy to use as the bracket combines all mechanical features of larger brackets, despite its reduced sized
  3. Optimal rotation control due to unchanged mesio-distal dimension
  4. Easy handling of ligatures as well as elastics/elastic chains due to deep tie wings
  5. Optimal hold on the tooth due to contoured hook-base

Sold in packs of 10

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