TruKlear Self-Ligating Ceramic Bracket Case Kits

True aesthetics without compromise
FORESTADENT presents TruKlear®, a true aesthetic sensation. The self-ligating bracket is completely metal-free and leaves nothing to be desired. Whereas previous aesthetic brackets came very close to meeting the desire of an invisible as possible treatment, there was always one detail that clouded the impression of perfect aesthetics – the closing mechanism, whether a visible metal clip or a translucent metal clip. Also, brackets and clips made from tooth-coloured plastics tend to discolour during the course of treatment. In the fully aesthetic TruKlear® bracket, both the body and the clip mechanism are manufactured from discolouration-proof special ceramic. The fully nickel-free – and thus suitable for nickel allergy sufferers – self-ligating bracket has a ceramic slider which is securely held in position with a small roller made of tooth-coloured plastic. True aesthetics without compromise.

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