Autograph Whitening Pen

Autograph Whitening with Innovative Technology

The Autograph Whitening Pen is a versatile "brush-on" tooth whitening applicator can be used at any time, anywhere. Whether you are whitening all of your upper and lower teeth, or just require a touch-up on those difficult, hard to reach spots, the Autograph Whitening Pen is ideal. Simply remove the cap, turn the pen until a a small droplet of whitening gel appears and apply directly to the teeth.
  • Can be stored at room temperature
  • No trays necessary
  • High viscosity gel for excellent results
  • Convenient and easy way to whiten teeth
The Autograph Whitening Pen uses Innovative PVP technology, (polyvinyl pyrrolidone) which ensures an ideal viscosity and chemical stability at room temperatures. The bleaching action, releasing a peroxide comparable to 6% hydrogen peroxide, begins when the gel makes contact with the teeth. 
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