Reliamold Kit

ReliaMold - NEW from Reliance!

Mold Composite Auxiliaries Directly on Teeth

ReliaMolds are translucent and flexible to facilitate composite loading, curing, and disengagement. A mold is filled with a light cure composite (GoTo, TKO, or Flowtain recommended) then delivered to the tooth and cured. The desired auxiliary is delivered, formed, and functional immediately. Value priced to be single-use disposable.

The ReliaMold Kit Includes:
(12) Habit Control (RMH)
(12) Cuspid Ramp (RMC)
(12) Button Hook (RMBU)
(12) Molar Tube (RMT)
(12) Molar Pad (RMMP)
(12) Bite Ramp 3mm (RMBR3)
(12) Bite Ramp 5mm (RMBR5)
(12) Wire Bonder 3mm (RMWBS)
(12) Wire Bonder 4.5mm (RMWBL)
(2) Brush Handle Assorted (BHA)
(1) ReliaMold Kit Box 


Individual Parts Available: Please see options to order individual parts

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